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Terms of Use

Tenancy and Legal Clauses about Our Website
The usage and conservation of the information we have about you and services you requested during your visit to our web site and services you receive by our web site are under the control of the conditions this “Privacy Policy.” By visiting this web site and requesting the services we provide through this web site, you are accepting the conditions of this “Privacy Policy.”

Collection and Preservation of Data
Dentistanbul Diş Hastanesi A.Ş., as a principle, does not sell or hire the personal data of the visitors of our site (name, e-mail, addresses and telephone numbers) to the 3rd parties and make them use by the 3rd parties with other purposes. In case of a necessity to use this information, the data cannot be used without informing you beforehand and taking your open permission, for the purpose of direct marketing or for follow-up without your approval.

Dentistanbul Diş Hastanesi A.Ş. will use this data for the purposes below, after receiving your approval.

• To send you print publications or sending other correspondence
• To send you press releases or announcements by e-mail
• To receive the products you buy and or to get your awards
• Only the authorized Dentistanbul personnel or representatives who accepted to keep the as a data secret can reach your personal information.
• Dentistanbul Diş Hastanesi A.Ş., without revealing the individuals, uses the statistical information (profile, geographic location, age, gender and etc.) for the purpose of to improve our system as a part of our continuous self-control processes and to get more about our patients in general. This data can only be used for the intentions mentioned above and cannot be used for unilateral communication, without your approval.
• Dentistanbul Diş Hastanesi A.Ş. does not guarantee that the other web sites linked on our pages will abide by the “Privacy Protocol” which is summarized above. Therefore, before providing any personal information, we advise you to evaluate the Privacy approaches of the websites in question.
• Our web site is equipped with “SSL” system in order to maintain the protection of the data entered. Therefore, this information cannot be viewed by other people.
• This protection is not valid for the information sent through e-mail.
• Dentistanbul Diş Hastanesi A.Ş. does not accept any liability, in case of harms born to disabling the security system by hacking.

Other Utilization Purposes

Besides the conditions mentioned here, every person who visits our web site and/or who requests services, are deemed to have read and accepted these “Tenancy Conditions and Legal Clauses.”

The provisions of “Privacy Policy” and “Tenancy Conditions and Legal Clauses” and amendments done in these provisions by Dentistanbul Dİş Hastanesi A.Ş. composes the all the legal relationship between you and Dentistanbul Diş Hastanesi A.Ş. and they are binding upon parties. Unless the contrary is decided in a written form, no request against these provisions or no revindication against Dentistanbul Diş Hastanesi A.Ş. can be claimed.