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Privacy Policy

The information received about you is only for providing the most suitable service for you and increasing the quality of these services continuously.
The information sent by you through our web site, via e-mail or fax is saved by us. The information is being provided completely with your free will. You are free to provide or not to provide this information to us. However, in order to give you faster and more qualified services, we recommend that you provide all the information asked for in our web site. Moreover, it should be understood that it is impossible to fulfill your request if you do not provide the necessary information for the service in question.

It is your responsibility to provide accurate and exact information. Please do not give incorrect, misleading or inadequate data. Providing incorrect, misleading or inadequate data or declaring false information may affect the validity of insurance coverage you requested as well as Dentistanbul’s responsibility for your treatment. In the event that Dentistanbul Diş Hastanesi A.Ş. is damaged due to incorrect, misleading or inadequate data provided by you, the responsibility to compensate this damage belongs to you.

The information we receive on our website is due to a cookies system. This enables us to recognize you automatically, your previous visits and the services you received. In the “help” menu of your computer, you can find what to do to limit or to deactivate this feature. However, since the information we receive will be used for the purpose of providing fast and qualified services to you, we recommend you allow use of this feature.

Finally, we also receive information from insurance companies and the commercial register for the purpose of renewing your insurance policy on timely basis as well as keeping your contact records up-to-date.